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Please note: We have a minimum order of six bottles. This can include one 4-pack and two bottles.

Outside the US? We don't ship internationally due to the high shipping cost.
Please e-mail us directly to discuss the shipping costs if you wish to place an order for CAMP MIX.

Original CAMP MIX

This is the mix that started everything for us.

CAMP MIX is an all-in-one seasoning mixture of garlic, onion, black pepper, salt, white pepper and celery salt.

Use this blend on meats, chicken, fish and vegetables. It's a great addition for soups, salads, sauces and gravies.

It is absolutely the best on corn-on-the-cob and all you'll ever need for seasonings in your Bloody Mary's!

This is the ultimate camp and home kitchen accessory.

Price: $3.49


Spud Fixin' CAMP MIX

Spud Fixin' CAMP MIX is a mild blend of seasonings that has tasty possibilities for every style of potato you might prepare as well as most other foods you eat.

It's simply a "must have" blend.

This is a very subtle mixture of onion, garlic, salt, paprika and other spices.

Use when cooking home fries; as a topping on baked or mashed potatoes, and to fancy up your french fries. It will add a gentle coloring and taste to soups and salads and is a nice change of topping to use on all meats, chicken, pork and fish.

We keep hearing from many people how they love using this on popcorn! We love stories like that.

Price: $3.49


Lemon Pepper CAMP MIX

Our Lemon Pepper CAMP MIX is a very special blend created specifically for those of us who enjoy a slight "lemony" taste in some of the foods we eat.

This is a blend of garlic, onion, black pepper, salt, celery salt, white pepper, citric acid and turmeric.

Use this on fish and other seafood, chicken, steak, pork, lamb and vegetables. Sprinkle lightly into tossed salads, gravies and marinades.

Price: $3.49


Honey-Cinnamon CAMP MIX

Are we kiddin' you?

Honey...mixed with cinnamon and sugar?

What's up with this?

Honey-Cinnamon CAMP MIX is a longtime family favorite breakfast topping to be used on a wide variety of breakfast foods. Don't be shy about giving it a try on buttered toast, pancakes and waffles, on hot or cold cereal, as well as in your coffee or tea.

Honey-Cinnamon CAMP MIX is a mouthwatering blend of brown sugar, honey solids and cinnamon. Even though we call it Honey-Cinnamon CAMP MIX, don't forget to be creative and think about using this as a dessert topping too!

This mix is great on or in apple pies, on top of fruits, or our special favorite — on top of vanilla ice cream!

Price: $3.49


Maple Sugar CAMP MIX

We've created this mouthwatering blend so you can have a taste of maple syrup on whatever you like.

It's great on toasted bagels or buttered toast, but this one will really knock your socks off when you try it on french toast, pancakes or waffles.

Muffins? Hot or cold cereal? ... woo-hoo!

In your coffee or tea? ... whoopee!

How about on a sliced apple? Is your mouth watering yet?

It's just plain fun to think of new ways to use this one.

Price: $3.49


The 4-Pack GIFT PACK

We offer a 4-Pack of:

Original CAMP MIX
Lemon Pepper CAMP MIX
Spud Fixin' CAMP MIX
& Honey-Cinnamon CAMP MIX

Our CAMP MIX "All-in-ONE" Seasonings are for you to use:

In the the Grill Everyday...ALL Year Long!!

Price: $13.96



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